How i setup shadow on a elements in UI Design. How to setup X dan Y axis and also the spread of shadow.
On Light Background
On Dark Background
On Light Background
Be Subtle
Subtle and smooth shadow will lift up your design, mock-up or presentation. Here are my best practices to create subtle shadow
Avoid hard shadow
Hard shadow will make your design looks heavy and bulky. You can reduce the opacity or choose the lighter color
Background: #F5F6F8
Background: #FFFFFF
Greyish Background
When using a shadow on a elements, my preference is using greyish background rather than pure white background. Greyish background will make the shadow more visible.
On Dark Background
Background: #000000
Background: #222222
Background: #333333
Background: #444444
Avoid pure black background
If you use pure black for the background (#000000) then your shadow will not visible. Shadow on dark background is tricky. You need to choose the background first then for the color of the shadow you need to choose the darker color (compare to the background)